Pre-Travel Health Consultation & Vaccines

Receive Required & Recommended Vaccinations For Overseas Trips

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The CDC recommends meeting with a health professional specialized in pre-travel consultation at least four weeks prior to overseas travel to receive required vaccinations for your travel destination, give your body time to build up immunity, and manage any side effects.

A Certified Provider For Yellow Fever Vaccine

We are one of a few select providers who offer the Yellow Fever vaccine for international travelers. It is critical to get vaccinated against this serious and potentially life-threatening disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes in certain regions of the world. Note: this vaccine requires an office visit.

Be Prepared For International Travel

Different regions of the world have unique health risks and infectious diseases that may not be common in the United States. Meet with us to evaluate your individual health considerations, including any pre-existing medical conditions. We will provide an assessment based on your situation, itinerary, and planned activities.

Comply With Entry Requirements At Your Destination

Many countries may have specific entry requirements regarding vaccinations. Examples of commonly required vaccines include hepatitis A & B, yellow fever, and typhoid. A consultation with a health provider ensures you meet these requirements and can provide the necessary documentation, to prevent travel disruptions or complications.

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